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Our Attributes:


  • A safe educational and didactic institution with pedagogical values which promote ethics and lofty principles.
  • Administrative staff with educational experience in International and National programs.
  • Well- trained and qualified educational staff with high professional potentials in a nurturing environment for competencies.
  • A safe school environment equipped with the latest security and safety technologies with international standards (fire control system, bacteria-resistant walls, clean and healthy air…..).
  • An attractive school environment equipped with the latest modern and efficient technology.
  • Early preparation of students for national and international examinations.
  • A variety of creative and inclusive activities covering scientific, cultural, re-creational, emotional and educational aspects covering the needs and aspirations of all students.
  •  Partnership and communication with parents regarding their children with diligent follow-up of students to achieve/maintain satisfaction and reassurance that their children are in good hands.
  • A good attention with enrichment activities and programs are offered to the talented and bright students that contribute to students’ achievements to reach high positions in national and international competitions.
  • Build and design various teaching methodology that commensurate/ correspond with different levels of students.
  • A considerate attention to the Arabic and English language by arming students with them to be ready to cope with the needs of the labor market in the future.
  • An effective digital system that facilitates communication between the school and the parents while maintaining the privacy of the students.
  • Integrated health care for students and even with chronic medical cases.
  • Modern transport buses equipped with the highest security and safety standards along with GPS.