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National program

Primary School:

Girls (1-6)

Boys (1-3)

A fundamental building block in the formation of student’s personality skills, psychologically and politically. Within an interactive and engaging learning environment that takes into account the developmental characteristics of this age stage and promotes thinking and creativity in Arabic and English literacy skills, the curriculum is enriched with a focus on learning English ,  Science , and Mathematics in both languages. To strengthen the students’ personalities and raise confidence in themselves, theatre and drama are inserted as a reinforcement for the language and enable the student to communicate and express himself/herself in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility.

The school environment is conducive to developing students ‘ skills and abilities through diverse activities and facilities based on the highest health, security and safety requirements. Students interact with teachers through the use of advanced technology tools (tablets) in the classroom.

Middle and Secondary:

The core of these phases stresses on developing the national curriculum as well as enriching the basic subjects to be taught in both Arabic and English.

The school also focuses on learning English by adopting ESS curriculum based on American and National standards, SPECIAL PROGRAM. In addition, all resources (books) are selected based on criteria to meet the needs of students’ levels.  This is implemented by the integration of technology tools into education and adopting learning strategies that are compatible with the generation of the 21st century.

Students are supported and prepared for the aptitude and achievement tests from this stage to qualify for the highest results.

To build the personality of students, the school is designed to meet the requirements of this age group, including helping to refine personal development through classroom activities and other classroom programs and diverse heritage.