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​When establishing facilities for the Encyclopedia of Science schools, we put safety and hygiene in mind, to provide a clean and sophisticated environment that helps students and attract their attention to better perform their various daily activities within the school.


Conforming to the famous saying, a healthy mind in a healthy body, children’s fitness and Physical Education in ESS schools is an integral part of the educational system. So, we have allocated a large area of playgrounds to practice different sports, and prepared them in a way that encourages students to exercise and stimulates them to possess a healthy body


Schools of Encyclopedia of Science are equipped with scientific laboratories that contain the latest important scientific devices and tools which students need to carry out their experiments prescribed for them according to the school curricula. All is done under the full supervision and province of a team of specialized educators


Reading is the food of brains and its beacon. We provided the library with the utmost significance, with an easy access that facilitates the search for a specific book for the student, in addition to a sophisticated design, we added more attention to the general style of the library in a way that motivates the student to read and makes the library a second home for him to resort to at the time of need


Science Encyclopedia Schools have been concerned with allocating places that are fully equipped and prepared for food, in a clean, comfortable area in a specially prepared environment for this reason, where children eat their daily meal in school in a healthy way


Preparing children in the kindergarten stage is one of the most important educational stages through which generations are properly nurtured and the noble values are cultivated within them, and prepare them for other educational cycles/phases

Kids’ Areas

It is common for children that they are full of vitality and activity, and because of ESS school belief that this energy and vitality must be directed in the right place, it has established an exceptional region dedicated to children’s games and fun activates that develop the child’s intelligence and talents


Through theatrical works devoted to children, we can now develop buds of talent, cultivate noble values and morals through drama, which ESS schools have taken care of and given to it a pure artistic nature

School Clinic

 ESS schools have their own health center because we care about the health of our children. The schools have equipped a special health center and have fully equipped it with the latest necessary medical means and important vaccinations, to secure the health of our children

Classes/ Classrooms

The classrooms of ESS schools are equipped with the latest and best advanced systems that make an environment conducive to creativity and learning, while applying the best educational methods under safety and accident control systems