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Our Vision

A modern vision for millennials

Comprehensive preparation for the third millennium leaders within an attractive environment

Our Message

Encyclopedia of Science schools seek to educate future generations and develop their talents and energies in an academic atmosphere and an attractive and safe environment built on the basis of freedom and responsibility, through: Continuous and constructive interaction between communicators, communicators, communicators, and communicators.

​Our Principals
  • ​A stimulating and safe interactive environment promotes quality and meaningful learning.
  • ​All students have the right to fair and equal learning and to realize their full potentials
  • ​Students will be able to exceed the expectations of the school community by being open to one another, respecting cultural diversity, accepting the others.
  • ​All members of the school community are involved in accomplishing its mission.
  • ​Continuous improvement is an urgent necessity and the basis of excellence and upgrading.
  • ​The student’s future preparation starts at school.
​Our Principals
  • I am a person distinguished by my morality and appearance.
  • I am proficient in and proud of my Arabic language. Also, I’m distinguished in mastering the English language and utilizing it in communication to be aware of global incidents around me.
  • I am a disciplined, careful citizen with high sense of responsibility.
  • I realize the value of professionalism at work and I believe it’s an asset of approbatively ethics that I acquired from my religion.
  • I am able to gain rich experiences by choosing activities that suit my hobbies and preferences.
  •  I master communicating with others, respect their opinions, and believe in the success of collaborative work.
  • I realize the importance of learning and I recognize its relevance to my life in the present and the future.