About ESS

ESS endeavors to educate future generations and develop their talents and potentials in an academic atmosphere and attractive environment based on freedom and responsibility between the learners and the society in its various components and the continuous development of its programs and professional development.

ESS Schools

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Educational Cycles

International curriculum (Girls) –Primary-Middle- Secondary


National curriculum –Boys- Primary- 1-2-3


National Curriculum –Girls- Primary- Middle- Secondary


Kindergarten- Nursery-Preparatory


International curriculum –Boys- Primary 1-2-3


Why ESS schools?


ESS facilities were designed to ensure a safe and hygienic environment that helps students and attracts their attention to perform their different day-to-day activities in a perfect set-up.


info@ess.edu.sa 0530009166 0502333077

Working hours

Sunday – Thursday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Riyadh – Al Malqa PO Box 11613 Riyadh 90131


Academic Curriculum

According to the approved calendar of the Ministry of Education